Come one, come all! Welcome to this, our carnivale, home for any wayward soul. Inside you will see wonders from across Golarion.

The magnificent subnautic soothsayer Fuhnafu will tell your fortune, but beware Koragar if you are the handsy sort!

Visit Mysterio, purveyess of knick-knacks, magical mundane and everything inbetween!

Perhaps you have heard of, or even seen for yourself, our group of mundane marvels? Telling stories around our bonfire tonight is The Professor himself, joined by the unjoined twins and Gidarron Elbus, the Bearded Man.

Should you be carrying any morsels, watch your back; as Cubby, the dog-faced-dog, is ever roaming in search of his next meal.

Whatever your pleasure is, you will find it here. Hurry up, before long the main show will start in the Big Top. Have your tickets ready and your expectation readier!

The Curcuitous Course of Wayward Wonders

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